MCCC Student Athlete Spotlight: Leah Grady

Kansas City, 

School: Calvary University

Player Name: Leah Grady

Class: Senior

Hometown: Fort Calhoun, NE

Major: Business Administration

Quote from Coach: "Leah is dear to our hearts at Calvary. She is our returning senior captain whose greatest leadership quality is her laser focus. When Leah puts her mind to a task, you can consider it completed. That being said, she is coming nearer to her heavenly father daily. She is a blessing to our Calvary family"

Future Plans: Leah plans on applying for the Leadership Development Program with Chick-fil-a in pursuit of owning a franchise store. 

Favorite Hobby Outside of Volleyball: She loves eating expensive food when someone else is buying, playing the piano, and going on fun adventures.