About the MCCC

The Midwest Christian College Conference (MCCC) was founded in 1962 by charter members Calvary Bible College, Central Christian College of the Bible, Covenant College and Manhattan Bible College.

The MCCC has seven member institutions representing three states -- Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. The MCCC sponsors championships in four sports, while some of its members are affiliated nationally with the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) and some with the Association of Christian College Athletics (ACCA).

Current MCCC members include Barclay College (Kan.), Calvary University (Mo.), Central Christian College of the Bible (Mo.), Emmaus Bible College (Iowa), Faith Baptist Bible College (Iowa), Manhattan Christian College (Kan.) and Ozark Christian College (Mo.).

The underlying and sustaining philosophy of the Midwest Christian College Conference is commitment to the development and demonstration of Christlikeness through athletic participation and competition within the context of Bible Colleges whose missions include the preparation of students for Christian leadership.

Recognizing that Biblical truth is foundational for all of life, the Conference seeks to investigate Biblical principles into athletic programs. Athletic participation is seen as an integral dimension of the member college’s total educational program and is intended to enhance the education of the whole-person—physical, spiritual, intellectual, emotional and social.

The Conference challenges each member of the athletic community to see himself/herself both on and off the court/field as an ambassador of Jesus Christ and the College represented. As Christ’s ambassadors, qualities such as integrity, self-control, respect, fairness, kindness, and consideration—toward opponents, teammates, coaches, officials, and fans—are essential.

The Conference seeks to promote Christian fellowship between individuals and member Colleges. Acknowledging doctrinal diversity and differing standards of conduct between member colleges, the Conference advocates that its members practice sensitivity to and acceptance of differing views.  The Conference views the coach as the most important individual in seeing that the philosophy of the Conference is achieved. The role of the coach is to model Christlikeness and teach Biblical truth, in addition to athletic skills.

The Conference is dedicated to the highest ideals of athletic competition and sportsmanship. While every athlete and team competes to win, winning is secondary to the greater goal of Christlikeness.