MCCC Student Athlete Spotlight: Leah Grady

Kansas City , 

School: Calvary University 

Player Name: Leah Grady

Hometown: Fort Calhoun, NE

Major: Bachelors degree: Organizational Leadership. Graduate Studies: Counseling and Business. 
Quote from Coach: "Leah Grady has always been driven. Driven-ness is not growth. In these past two years, Leah's priorities have changed. They are becoming (at a very high level) God's  priorities. Leah is becoming more like Jesus in the way she interacts with her teammates. She is more passionate about living a life lead by the Spirit. Leah used to be a challenge to coach, but now she is a joy. We praise God for you, Leah! 

Future plans: Continue working and moving up at Chick-Fil-A and hopefully own a franchise someday.

Favorite Hobby: Eating pizza, cooking, and spending intentional one on one time with friends.