MCCC Tournament Champions: Ozark Christian College

Haviland , 

The 2023 Midwest Christian College Tournament took place on February 16-18 on the campus of Barclay College. The teams competed for a chance to claim the MCCC Championship and the results were as follows: 

1. Ozark Christian College

2. Barclay College

3. Calvary University

4. Faith Baptist Bible College

5. Emmaus Bible College

6. Central Christian College of the Bible

7. Manhattan Christian College

The tournament started on Thursday, February 16th with the following matchups: 

10:00 am - #4 Calvary vs #5 Central: 45-49

2:00 pm - #2 Faith vs #7 Emmaus: 55-36

6:00 pm - #3 Barclay vs #6 Manhattan: 75-43

Friday matchups: 

10:00 am - Manhattan vs Emmaus: 45-47

2:00 pm - Faith vs Barclay: 61-71

6:00 pm - Ozark vs Calvary: 66-27

Saturday matchups: 

9:00 am - Central vs Emmaus: 51-54 (5th place game)

12:30 pm - Faith vs Calvary: 38-51 (3rd place game)

4:00 pm - Ozark vs Barclay: 98-57 (Championship)

All Conference Awards: 

Regular Season Champions: Ozark Christian College

Regular Season Runner-up: Faith Baptist Bible College

Sportsmanship: Emmaus Bible College

1st Team: MVP - Mikayla Jones (Faith), Emmy Colin (Ozark), Makenzie Purinton (Ozark), Lydia Pipins (Ozark), Rachel Kleczka (Faith). 

2nd Team: Hannah Beukelman (Manhattan), Hannah Boyer (Emmaus), Alyssa Matthews (Barclay), Kitumaini Croyance (Barclay), (Calvary).

Honorable Mention: Ruthie Dougherty (Calvary), Faith Owen (Central), TK Valentine (Barclay), Emmary Williams (Ozark).